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The audit of your machines as an implementation in your maintenance process

The often disregarded issue of maintenance should be an important and regular component of your production process. A well-planned and structured maintenance plan is part of every functioning and well-organized production. In this area, the key word is “prevention”, i.e. a preventive and predictive machine planning for your company. This significantly increases the service life and quality of the machines. This improves the complete production process of your KELLER machines, increases throughput times and minimises machine failures due to material fatigue. Here we support you with our team of experts. Based on our experience and solutions, we provide strong support for your company with our machine audits. Using the information gathered in the audit report, we analyse the current status of your components and machines. With this knowledge, a clean target/actual comparison can be worked out, by means of which it is possible to represent the current maintenance status of the respective machine.

In the next step, our specialists advise on possible optimisation measures and use the "deep dive analysis” to determine a meaningful snapshot. You will also receive recommendations as to which components should be replaced in the near future. This ensures a smooth production cycle for your company.

Why to make a machine audit?

A machine audit at KELLER is not a test situation, but a support for our customers. This gives you the opportunity to increase the productivity and efficiency of your machines and components by targeted investments and to invest in the life of your machines and components. In addition, a regular inspection ensures an orderly overview of all systems. With this knowledge, machine failures and downtimes due to material fatigue should remain the absolute exception. Our "Traffic Light System" gives you a classified and user-friendly overview of the condition of your machines. The prioritization of the individual wear conditions is intuitive and actively supports maintenance coordination. A machine audit by KELLER ensures that your maintenance planning is managed in a structured manner and that machine downtimes are reduced to "normal" maintenance. Regular maintenance and inspection is a necessary tool in order to identify and document weak points at an early stage. This enables maximum efficiency and flexibility and increases the chance of managing production without failures. Beyond the audit, sub-areas of production emerge in which it may be possible to increase the efficiency of the system with small adjustments.

At KELLER, we follow the principle of the "external audit". With this procedure, we go to the company as support and auditor in order to support you with our know-how and engineering as a strong and reliable partner. 

How does an audit work?

First, we talk to your operators and maintenance staff to get an initial overview of your KELLER system. In this way, problems can be communicated and documented directly.

In the second step, we accompany a very typical production process and observe and document the individual work steps. This enables us to make an initial assessment. We then check the individual assemblies and components and visually check the associated wear and tear.

After we were able to sketch an initial condition analysis of your KELLER system, we go into even deeper details with the “deep dive analysis”. Examples for this are:
  • Checking the oil level of the individual motors and gears
  • Condition of the linear guides (lubricant supply, visual inspection of the rail)
  • Toothed belt condition (visual inspection)
  • Hydraulics (visual inspection)
  • Pneumatics (noise control)

Using this information, we create a detailed ACTUAL status that reflects the current status of your KELLER machine.

Based on a target/actual analysis, our experts work out the status of the individual sub-areas of your KELLER system. This information is processed and implemented with the help of our traffic light system. On the basis of this elaboration, a meaningful audit report is drawn up, which shows you the problematic areas of your machine. Now you can see what needs to be done to ensure failure-free production.

We collect all of this information for you in our final report and evaluate the individual positions using our traffic light system. This procedure enables you to see the urgency of the individual items clearly and quickly. If a regular audit is carried out afterwards, it is possible for both of us to observe and evaluate the maintenance process over several years. In this way, your maintenance processes can be clearly reflected. This analysis provides information about the condition of your machine and whether the goals of a structured maintenance coordination have been implemented. 


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