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High-performance grinding machine 900 air +

The grinding machine for all current and future products is equipped for double layer grinding. Following the 750 S grinding machine from  1998 and the successful 900 air grinding machine, we now have the third generation, the 900 air + grinding machine, in use. It is based on the well-proven detailed solutions of its predecessors and has many technical innovations:

  • Difference between grinding size station 1 and station 2 freely selectable
  • Fully-automatic, continuous grinding with adjustment
  • Optimum centring of „short“ products
  • Less dust and waste in machine by means of optimized air guides
  • Crushing of all broken pieces within the machine and encapsulated feed to the de-dusting plant 
  • Lower electrical connection power

The reduction of construction length and construction height allows for its use under limited spatial conditions and the use of machines in existing handling plants. The patented method for the aeration of the wheels ensures high grinding power and long tool lives.

The centring device

With the double-layer grinding, the bricks in the upper and the lower layers have to be adjusted separately to assure the quality of all products. On the left we use a continuous belt over the entire height and on the right a split system for both layers. This system consists of two independent roller combinations for the upper and lower brick layers.

The handling system

Here both on the top and bottom, two V-belts each are used where the distance between them is changed automatically with the grinding width. So the bricks are supported directly at the contact point of the grinding tools. At the lower V-belt, lateral labyrinths prevent grinding dust entering the guide system.The upper V-belts are  equipped with pneumatic plungers, which with their long strokes can compensate for brick tolerances when grinding double layers. To satisfy the demands of the differing products, the pressure is separately adjustable in the area of the centring device as well as on the right and left. By means of the pneumatic cylinder, the force acting on the bricks is completely independent from the degree of filling of the machine and the height of retraction of the cylinders.

The grinding units

The double-layer grinding causes heavy stresses on the tools and significantly higher dust. Our well-proven solution for cooling the grinding segments and for the dust discharge leads evidentially to higher performances and longer tool lives. The air  distribution wheel is designed as a fan wheel so that the grinding motor produces the required volume flow. The face of the distribution wheel is covered so that the air is fed to the grinding segments in a targeted manner.

The measuring system

We measure the wear where it originates – at the tool. With a patented method, we dimension the grinding segments fullyautomatically and adjust the grinding units, if necessary, in steps of 0.03 mm in the direction of the brick.


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