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Automation solutions in the food industry

Liquids and bulk goods handling in the food industry presents a special challenge for process control engineers. Diverse components and processes are integrated into a comprehensive automation concept which is enables maximum uptime, higher productivity and significantly reduced cost of ownership. KELLER IAS is highly skilled and experienced in this field. 

Automation of a starch mixing system

A German starch processing facility consists of two mixing lines which together are fed by large outdoor silos, big bag dischargers and micro ingredient feeders. For each mixing line a 1200 kg scale is used for intermediate storage. The micro ingredients are metered by a 25 kg batching scale hopper and fed to the 1200 kg scale. A pneumatic conveyor transports the material. As an option, large and medium-sized components can be conveyed to a sifter.

Ingredients are metered according to recipe and monitored via process visualisation. The two mixing systems operate simultaneously and process different recipes. To prevent demixing, the material is discharged in sub-batch quantities prior to packaging.

Integration of an additional production line to the existing plant

A manufacturer of pre-mix baking products expanded its mixing plant to include a fourth mixing line and took this opportunity to upgrade the entire control system. To minimise machine downtime, retrofitting was performed in three stages. First, the new mixer was engineered with a Simatic S7 controller, WinCC process visualisation and recipe management software.

In the second stage, the "old" mixers were integrated into the new control system, however the existing Simatic S5 peripherals were not yet disconnected. In the third stage, the S5 CPUs were replaced with S7 modules.

Mixing plant for confectionery production

A German manufacturer of fruit gum and licorice products benefited from KELLER's expertise for the automation of their weighing and batching operations. Our automation solution included control software as well as software for process visualisation and recipe management.

The client's network was configured to enable remote access, thus allowing Keller engineers to perform remote trouble shooting tasks quickly and efficiently.

Dosing system for micro ingredients

A mixing facility for premix products was equipped with a new dosing system for micro ingredients. What distinguishes this plant from most others is that ingredients from various bins are discharged to two mobile mulit-component dosing stations. Subsequently the materials are discharged to the mixer. With this system, the mixing line can alternate between different recipes. 

The KELLER control system for this plant is based on Simatic S7 technology together with WinCC process visualisation and recipe management software.

Modernisation of a mixing plant for sherbet powder

The mixing plant of a renowned manufacturer of sherbet powder, which is currently experiencing a revival, had passed its prime. The control system could no longer cope with the increasing requirements and had to be renewed as quickly as possible.
The customer decided to buy a modern S7 control system and a visualisation tool on a WinCC platform. The control system is completed by the KELLER recipe management system CellaBatch. Three touch panels in total are available on the factory floor to handle the sherbet powder recipes. The control cabinets and a large part of the cabling were also renewed in the course of this modernisation project.

Food industry

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